OKMONEY Investments Pvt Ltd came into existence w.e.f. 2019 to make available all kind of Financial Products and to provide Investment Services to all our clients.

OKMONEY Investments Pvt Ltd is a team of well-qualified, exuberant, innovative and enterprising hard-core dynamic professionals, Certified by AMFI, IRDA, working collectively toward a common goal and committed to offering our clients nothing but the best. We are a boutique Company of independent financial distributor that offers financial investment and portfolio investment management advice.

My Story

I used to go to tuitions at my Maternal grand father’s place when I was in 8th class. He used to teach me Hindi, Punjabi & SST, but I was more interested to know that why would someone watch a business news channel that shows weird numbers the whole day ? From there on my learning of Finance started. I was just 14 years old when I decided to be a Stock market champion. While my friends were studying for Boards, I purchased my first stock when I was in Xth class from my Nanaji’s Demat account. I arranged money by cleaning fans of his house and some other household chores. After doing many mistakes and learning from the experience of 100+ veteran investors, I started giving advice to my friends and relatives. Every one was very happy from my recommendations and I received a lot of appreciation. I found the whole process to be very easy and my recommendations seemed extremely beneficial for almost everyone.

I arranged every thing I learned into a simple model named “Zero to Hero Financial Literacy Model” which is the best Investment any can do in him/her self.
You can start right now even if you have Zero knowledge, Zero Experience, Zero time for Research
This course, till now, has helped more than 150 investors in disciplined investing and I feel delighted to write that all of them (100%) are profitable with profits ranging from 30% to 250%.

We also provide Personal Professional Investment Consultation (PPIC), only through prior booking.


We stand apart as a class known for Dynamic Professionalism, including innovative investment proposals and superior quality of work ethics. We have positioned ourselves as the creator of profitable, creative and proactive financial services that add multiple gains to the client’s portfolios. Our focus is on assisting our client’s in meeting their lifestyle and financial goals.

We have positioned ourselves as the creator of profitable, creative and proactive fund- related solutions that add multiple gains to the client’s portfolios.
Our focus is on assisting our client’s in meeting their lifestyle and financial goals.


OKMONEY Investments Pvt Ltd  is one of the finest organisations of India dealing in financial services. Our company is engaged into selling investments products in the market and is making best possible efforts with Banks, AMC and other financial institutions.

OKMONEY Investments Pvt Ltd is a key player in both retail and institutional segments. Our strength has been to continuously innovate and reinvent ourselves with strong digital footprint. The company is a leading player in the broking industry. The company provide execution, advisory and research service across products like equity, F&O, Commodity & Currency and Mutual Funds, AIF and PMS.

The company is actively engaged into selling of all the investment products in the market and is working closely with banks, AMCs and other financial institution.


Our Mission is to help our clients achieve their financial goals and realize their dreams for themselves, their families, and their businesses or professions. We aim to hedge our investor against any adversaries arising in the fund markets that arise primarily due to any lacunae in analyzing market behavior’s, providing our clients with customized, profitable, yet manageable investment baskets, which are formulated by a panel of skilled financial experts.

Investor Services is charting a course or a road map to peace and prosperity. The important thing is taking the steps in the right direction.
Our comprehensive financial assistance involves a thorough review of your financial status, tax planning and financial goals. We will help you navigate the many challenges and complexities of managing your financial future.

Our simple main motive while managing the funds of a client is that our Investor’s hard-earned money should grow and our achievement is the smile on the face of our Investor. We work only on following two simple rules for our Investors:

∙        Rule No. 1: Never Lose Money

∙        Rule No. 2: Never forget Rule No. 1

The prime objects of OKMONEY are:

  • OKMONEY Investments Pvt Ltd plays a key in both Retail and Institutional segments.
  • As a part of OKMONEY Investments Pvt Ltd, our clients are provided advice related to financial services including equity, commodity & currency, F&O, mutual funds, AIF and PMS.
  • Guide and help clients to ensure their wealth investment decision with us comes out to be fruitful.

Our strength is leaving a remarkable digital foot-print by innovating and upgrading techniques that will eventually help our clients. Apart from financial services OKMONEY Investments Pvt Ltd also includes investment planning and is a leading competitor in Broking industry as well. Our vision is not bound to any limitation; our belief is to spread our services globally.